"Rust Works" & Classic Vehicles Gallery

Classic vehicles have always fascinated us. This collection of images features iconic cars and trucks, some restored and some abandoned.

Rust Works is our artistic interpretation of abandoned vehicles impacted by the ravages of land, water, nature and time as we draw a comparison between a vehicle's deteriorative descent amid the ascent of nature. We are often asked the question, "Why were some vehicles left to nature and the elements without being restored?" In many cases, the answer lies in the owners simply making do with what they had by "harvesting" needed parts to repair other vehicles.

As visual storytellers, we create "photo art" by reimagining these scenes, through artistic composition, application of painterly photographic techniques, layers, patterns, and digital hand-coloring to develop a creative story about the vehicle. Our desire is for the viewer to achieve a feeling of being within the scene, experiencing discovery and appreciation for a vehicle's hidden beauty and character.